Initially, the project was supposed to show the nightlife of St. Petersburg. Gradually, the focus shifted to young people who have fun using the theme of the post-Soviet past, and then the question arose: «Why are there so many people at nostalgic parties of the 90s – 2000s who did not grow up or did not live at a time when this culture was popular?».
Nostalgia is a feeling of longing for the bygone past. During the First World War, nostalgia was called a mental disorder that rolled over the military. They missed their home, their family. It broke morale and was considered a serious illness. Later nostalgia became a more universal term. Now nostalgia is generally called any longing for the past.
Our parents were the first to miss their youth. For them, in 2002, the retro music festival «Disco of the 80s» was held in Moscow for the first time. It is organized by «Autoradio». Three years later, a similar festival «Legends of Retro FM» opens. After their parents, their children began to miss the past. Since the beginning of the 2010s, a wave of nostalgia has rolled over again — the «Super Disco of the 90s» of the MTV Russia channel happened. Then there were smaller local events that included not only the music of the 90s, but also the 2000s. Now such parties are simply called «Disco of the 90s».